Thursday, December 2, 2010

HEY LADY! My eyes are up here!

Sitting on the metro this morning I kept getting these funny looks from people...... you know, a quick glance followed by an odd grin. I thought maybe something was wrong, my hair, was my fly down.... maybe I had a booger in my nose?

Then all at once I realized they were staring at my chest and instantly I start thinking with humor, you know.... cause I'm a funny guy..... I'm thinking "is this how girls feel? Hmmmm, hey lady, my eyes are up here!" All at once.... the humor ended when I got a high 5 from a dude walking off at his station!

Turns out he really like the red hoodie I was wearing that said in big letters across the front "SUITS SUCK" hahahaha

It was just a few seconds until I realized what I had really done..... on what was otherwise an already suck morning for most people, raining, cold, early morning crammed on a metro car standing there uncomfortably taking their conformist suit wearing bullshit existence to whatever overdressed office they work at to grind out a living doing something they probably wish they could just wear jeans and a t-shirt to do! Hahah

So, just like every other blog post, I end with a quick question...... does this make me an asshole, a slightly offensive comedian or just a guy who doesn't give a shit?

P.S. I know which answer I’d pick! :-p

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