Thursday, August 26, 2010

I want my F'cking allowance back!

This little rant is probably a result of my stress level, maybe increased frustration from silly drama...... or it could be my intense hatred of being nothing more then a corporate sellout feeding the machine!

Truth is: I totally love my job. I've been a nerd at heart for as long as I can remember and always dreamed of having the job I have now.... granted when I got here, I realized there's even farther I can go. So I've since moved my goals forward to the next step in line and I think there's a pretty good chance that when I get there.... I'll push it one more step forward!

Side note: (and totally cheesy) I saw a poster on a wall of a vendors warehouse when I was on a tour in Chicago for work a few weeks ago... it said "The truly successful are never satisfied" I *love* it..... ok haters, liberals and crunchies... tear me a new one for that, I dare you!

Back on topic though, workin for The Man..... I remember a long time ago I said I'd rather do something i love, and something I really enjoy then work a job I hate all on a quest for money and status. To quote the great Bob Dylan: "Oh, the times they are a changin!" I've started to see things I want, good, bad, materialistic and otherwise.....  I love cars, beer, vacations and motorcycles.... I want to be able to give my wife (who doesn't exist yet) the opportunity to stay home for as long as she wants when we have kids (or work, and I'll stay home, I might LOVE that!).... I want to be able to pay for college if my kids want to go, I want to enjoy my retirement if I ever get there.... and all of it is a LOT easier with MONEY!

Here's the thing though, its so simple to get there... all it takes is hard work. There's only one problem with that though.... I DON'T WANNA!!!!!

I don't wanna have to listen to other people or play by their rules. I don't wanna pay taxes, I don't wanna have to come in on time either! I don't wanna deal with office politics, obnoxious rumors or have to deal with other peoples personal problems!

In truth, I really miss the times where fun was just all there was. Really laugh, really have no bills, no worries, no rent, no car payments, no mortgage. Like we did when we were kids..... but I love my cars, my trips, my toys and everything else the hard work gets me.... there are time I wish I could just have my fucking allowance back! A few grand a month, you know, just for being around..... that would be one hell of a world huh?

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  1. Take a vacation, one you have really wanted for a while.