Monday, July 12, 2010

The Root of All That's Evil, Typical

I've had this idea kicking around in my head for a while though..... talking to people about it in little pieces, maybe even using them a little to help me form what might actually be a complete thought. The crazy part is, sometimes when I think I'm just going to let my mind rest for a bit..... the most random things inspire a new twist, or a new perspective.

"Typical", it really is the root of all that's evil. I even use like a slang term to show disappointment, or recognition of expected failure. Its like if your friend is telling you a story about a hypothetical Filipino guy you both know (who is surely not a real guys I was drinking with pretty much all last week!!) who happened to drop his pants in public.... AGAIN, you respond by saying "typical". Or when you're at the bar with a bunch of your friends, nice guys, jobs, nice cars, funny, treat women with respect.... you know, the kinda guy that you'd let you little sister date.... and the next thing you know, the cute girl one of them has been talking to walks out the front door with your average popped collar, fauxhawk (examples) sporting D-bag who spent the entire night fist pumping to bad techo remixes of 80's songs..... and your friends all look at each after seeing them leave and say.... "Typical"

Those are just the cheeky fun examples too.... it doesn't get ugly until you start with legit real world issues and conflicts: racists, homo-phobics, abusive drunks, ignorant American's who lack the desire to actually educate themselves.... All of them are just quick examples of the worst kind of typical there is: "Typical thinking"

I'm not sure how to stop it from happening, other than to do the best I can every single day to talk to people, learn new things, observe, analyze, and expand my own world. Do the most atypical things I can.

The phrase I've heard most on the subject is that a lot of people are just "a product of their times". It seems like such a cop-out doesn't it? To simply justify and excuse their lack of thinking by saying things like "that's just how they were raised" or "he doesn't know any better, its ok".

Well guess what; it is NOT ok! Take a break from your typical day at your typical job in your typical office and do us all a favor.... meet people, read a newspaper, watch some CNN, do something, anything...... to try to absorb, understand and change.

Then when you're ready to re-enter the world a better person, let me know. I'd be happy to buy you a few drinks and debate life, politics, war, drugs, music or whatever else you can think of and hopefully..... I'll learn a few new things from you!

"Yeah I know there’s got to be another level
Somewhere closer to the other side
And I’m feeling like it’s now or never
Can I break the spell of the typical
The typical, the typical, uh huh"

     -- Mute Math, "Typical"

(amazing song, well worth checking out. link above is to the video for the song on youtube)


  1. risking sounding jaded, cynical or just jealous, I will say that the reason most people are attracted to these "typical" things is because the majority of our society is only of a "typical" intelligence level. It is not within their realm of thinking to deviate from the "normal" path, or think outside the box. The trends and other coolness everyone sees on "The Hills" and the like, are what small minded people are conditioned to gravitate to. They can't help not being highly evolved like us ;)
    They were born to follow the other sheep.

  2. Apathy and comfortability, lethargy and sloth,
    and so rome crumbles to mouse clicks and boobs,
    boobs watching boobs.
    Protesters that tweet, never seen by boobs n tubes,
    the tube, you tube, x tube.
    click click click...i hope u reach them wakem up
    "Cable Guy!"
    here comes the cliff, call it 2012, call it end of days, call it leigon
    I call it greed, 1.4 quatrillion in default credit swapped derivative bundles sold to under educated slick talkin dbag greedsters
    who has the blue pill?