Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Facebook Stalking.... really?!

Here's one that probably strikes near and dear to your hearts..... Facebook stalking!!! Here you were thinking stalking meant following someone around, showing up at the same places, asking their friends about them, if you're serious about it maybe some black military face paint and old camo pants....... hell, maybe in the digital age it meant hacking their e-mail, or trying to read their text messages, but yet again the socially incompetent and mildly insecure have managed to fine yet another way to be a complete nuisance!

This finally hit strike 3 for me... so out with it:

Strike 1) My attempts to finally pull together any semblance of what would be a normal relationship with yet another one of my infamous ex's: The Anti-Christ Jump to just a few months ago. I went to the Dominican Republic for Tuff and Jazz's wedding and took the Anti-Christ as my date, and other than fighting a bit toward the end and me basically telling her to be out of my room and on a plane by the time I got back that night... things were going well! hahaha (we're passionate people, what can I say?!)

We're back in the US, we realize just how much fun we really had on vacation together and, we decided "we just need to spend some more time face to face" Sounds like a good plan, right? Riiiiight.... This until I get a random text message one day, totally out of the blue that says: "Maybe we shouldn't see each other anymore" and I'm thinking "WTF?!" So a nearly 2 hour text message conversation followed by a solid 3 hours on the phone reveals that the Anti-Christ doesn't think *I'M* ready for a relationship because she "see's the way I act on facebook" and I'm "surely not at a point in my life where I'm ready for an adult relationship"!!! Apparently, in no particular order, I have too many friends, I have too much fun, I take pictures with too many people, and there's obviously no room in my life for anyone new. (666 and I have known each other since 1st grade, not sure how's she's new, but whatever)

Now I bet you're asking yourself.... "How could this possibly get any better?!!?"

Here is where I leave you my friends.... to tune in another day for Strikes 2 and 3, entitled "Facebook Stalking, Strike 2 - Co-workers who can't take a joke" and to round out the trilogy of online buffoonery "Facebook Stalking, Strike 3 - What do you mean we've never met in person but you have other guy friends!?"

Bottom line for me here is, like in many of the posts back and forth in the last few weeks about social networking, public image, and of course.... judging other people..... I just learned that lesson again the hard way. If you're going to put something on facebook, take pictures of you being a little crazy with your friends, have potential girlfriends/fb's look at your profile when you don't expect..... You are 100% surely going to be judged for it, whether you like it or not! You just have to be tough enough to really not give a shit. Either that, or watch what you post cause the Facebook Stalkers are def looking!


  1. facebook "stalking" is a totally normal and innocent pastime, it's the utilization of the information gathered, in an attacking or judgmental manner that's insane. And in the end, it's better for those people to weed themselves out of your life, cause imagine what they'll use against you, when they actually have the dirt ;)

  2. So, when I was looking through your pictures and saw one of you with my sister and assumed you were dating, you are saying I was off base!? I mean you were BOTH smiling. I guess I shouldn't have posted all those passive aggressive status updates, ehh?

  3. well said but I agree, those are the shallow people you don't want in your life in the end. This is just a faster and easier way for you to weed them out rather than spend massive amounts of time and money on them :P