Monday, June 14, 2010

Welcome to the Revolution

I can't say for sure exactly when it'll be here..... but I have this feeling as time goes on that we're passing the point of no return.

It actually started a little while back while I was dating The Nightmare (who shall remain nameless, as will almost all other mentions of friends, foes, family and ex's! hahaha) and my cousin Piano Man was in town. We had a late night discussion after he was at a conference at Georgetown all morning about social media. We talked about how pure it is right now, how powerful it is, how many people it reaches and of course how accessible it is. Yet, I couldn't help this feeling.... like I knew eventually it would turn on us. We've come to trust it, I've heard stories time and time again from friends in the academic world (which I rejected and run from a long time ago) that students cite wikipedia in papers, find websites that they can't seem to verify, make references to youtube videos.....

Are you ready for it.... as this things occur more and more, as new kids find them, read them, watch them, trust them... we get closer to the horrific phrase all us nerds make fun of.... "It must be true, I read on the Internet!"

There are some many follow ups to this blog, I wish I had started writing about them much earlier when they were actually happening. I will however follow up them up later and fill you in on the conversations I've had since then with Piano Man, Jersey, a few of the members of Club Brown, and of course my own single minded, sometimes not well thought out, but guaranteed to be unedited ideas of my own.


  1. I need a key or pictures or something to keep up with the characters of your stories... please provide :)

  2. I think the key is to keep the names as anonymous as pssoble....this way people don't get to pissed at me!! Hahahaha

    But don't worry..... I'll fill you in!

  3. Clearly, you turned away from the academic world right around the time that spelling was taught. If you're going to invent your own pedestal, stand on it, and rant about shit that happens to you, at least be a pal and hit the fucking spell check button, will you? Or read through, doing the self-editing thing? Especially if you're going to complain about kids who source their papers incorrectly. Blogger even throws you a bone and underlines the crap you get wrong with this pretty red squiggle. You right-click and it gives you some options - an internet savant such as yourself should be able to figure it out.

    Someone who highlights the various people in their lives with different colors, italics and Capitalization catches my attention...I look forward to seeing what other insights you have to offer.

  4. @Randal..... you crack me up!

    I mean, fair enough, I type without really paying much attention, and kinda run through it as fast as possible...... then again, you've read it, spent the time to think, formulate a response.... and write it down....

    You've proven that I've accomplished my goal, to stir reaction! Thank you!

    (P.S. Other than a few quick typo's... never did find all those spelling errors though!)