Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Techonology of My Diet

Have you ever wondered how a geek would go on a diet? Well.... I can't say for how they'd all do it, but... I'm surely a geek and this is how I'm going about it! :-P

So for those of you that have known me for a while you'll remember when I was even heavier than I am now... pushing 300 pounds. Long story short, I went to the doc for a physical and she basically told me (after we had become friends and go out drinking together a few times).... "you're fat, its unattractive and its killing you"... DAMN! That's one way to go about it... pretty damn convincing too!

That same night I started my diet, lost a ton of weight, but... ultimately let my diet slide while I was dating The Nightmare. Between the stress of my relationship, all the traveling I was doing and working on getting a new job at work.... I reverted right back to my old ways and started gaining weight back. Add to that my trips for Tuff and Jazz's wedding, some bachelor parties, Dummer's wedding, trips to NYC and visiting other rights.... I had gained almost half the weight back.

So here we are at the present day and I've had enough. New clothes I bought during the last diet don't fit again, I'm back to being overtired, irritable, always hungry and of course.... I'm not lookin to hot either. This past Monday was enough for me, I'm back on my diet. Keeping it pretty simple, I ordered a bunch of food from NutriSystem... all prepackaged, most of it healthy, easy to keep track of my calorie intake and what types of things I'm eating.... and I even found a little calorie counter application from my Droid from It keeps a daily log of everything you eat with all the nutrition information, helps track your weight and gives you reports on how you're doing.

So basically between the online order for the food, the app I downloaded for my Droid, and tracking my progress in online graphs and charts.... I'm hoping my geek-ness which love for the bar code scanner built into the FatSecret app, and my desire to fit into all my clothes, be healthier and more attractive... this time I'll stick to it a little better!

Lets see what happens!

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  1. Good luck! Calorie counting does have kind of a geek-love thing build right in, doesn't it. There are even apps that do your fat/protein/carbs ratios. Mmm...... ratios!