Friday, June 18, 2010

Social Media, Take Your Damn Pants Off!

And that overpriced Macy's tie, your wanna-be french cuffed Hugo Boss button down shirt, and while you're at it... you can probably ditch the sunglasses, stop dangling the keys to your BMW M3 with the personalized plates "PR DBAG" and go back to your ineffective marketing firm.

(P.S. dress pants with pleats make you're ass look fat! everyone knows that! To quote the amazing George Carlin "fat ass docker pants)

You might be wondering what exactly would cause a normally reserved, laid back, and fun loving guy like me to go on such a rant? hahahaha Well, this time it was in response to a blog post by Mike Schaffer entitled "Social Media, Put Some Damn Pants On!" I suggest reading it if you have the time, but I'll paraphrase myself. He's basically saying that at a conference here in DC basically about Twitter being used for marketing purposes that he was "embarrassed" by what he explained as a few of the presenter being "dress[ed] like slovenly slobs" and urged them to join the ranks of the appropriately dressed "marketing professionals" who had on suits, ties, and professional attire. He went on to say that he "had trouble taking them seriously" because of it. Also, he asked a few questions at the end of his post:

"Am I overreacting?  Is dress code really all that important in our industry?  And if so, what should the standard be?"

You guys ready for this one? ..... YES, you're overreacting..... here's a tip: TWITTER AND FACEBOOK AREN'T FOR YOU! THEY'RE FOR 'US' THAT'S WHY YOU'RE USING THEM GENIUS!!!**

(**Note pointed out by a friend.... "us" means the entire user base of twitter, facebook and other social media sites... not "us - the nerds" not "us - the marketing people" and sure not "us - the vendors")

As for a dress code being important in your industry.... I don't have a damn clue, and really I'd say most of the general population doesn't give a shit if you'd like to wear expensive clothes, spend too much time getting ready in the morning and waste more money on dry cleaning and experimenting with new hair products!

Have you ever heard that phrase "When in Rome"? I means when in Rome, does as the Romans do.... if you're in someone elses house and they take their shoes off when they're on the new carpet... well guess what, I'm a wage earning, Audi driving, vacation taking, college drop-out, DMB fan with a solid salary and a taste for nice cars, new toys, fine furniture, good food and obscenely expensive watches....... you know what I don't like.... Suits, ties, fancy pants, ridiculous shoes, bullshit handshaking, ivy league grads and d-bag's with a bullshit smile on their face trying to sell me something.

I'm a nerd, and I don't wear pants! If you and your marketing buddies don't think your customers want my money, that's fine... there's plenty of people out there who do. Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Google Buzz, etc.... that's MY house, so my not so fellow Roman... TAKE YOUR F'ING PANTS OFF IN MY HOUSE! You want to sell me something, convince me your candidate is the right one, get me to make a donation, log on and give you my credit card number for whatever it is you're "marketing" for.... look like me, talk like me, understand me.... and I'll respect you and ultimately trust you a lot more.

Questions and Followup
I guess I have a set of my own questions to pose..... What do you WANT to wear to work? What are you most comfortable in? Should customers/clients/buyers judge you by what you're wearing, or is it all irrelevant because twitter, facebook, myspace and all other online adds simply don't bear the faces and outfits of the people who wrote, paid for and distributed them?

P.S. Mike, is that a picture of you on your Twitter page wearing a button down shirt top 2 buttons open, jeans and your hands in your pockets? and wait wait wait... is your Twitter icon a red t-shirt with yellow letters that say "Proud to be Awesome"... who's presenting what image now?


  1. Oh good LORD Steve.......... :) You are SUCH a ...... oh well, I <3 you anyhow. :)

    You know my thoughts on dress code - do the job, get it done, wearing what you want. I'm a So Cal Professional stuck in conservative Ann Taylor wearing DC.

    BUT - I am going to argue with you on who Social Media belongs to......Define "us"? IT guys? Or the thousands/billions/whatever of regular people who "tweet". Cause I'll still fight that Marketing companies are the only one really "doing" anything with Twitter, so "Social Media Professionals" still means Marketing people.

    (Although yeah, I also think it's completely ineffective for the most part, but it's more fun to win a free Pizza than listen to Ashton Kutcher.)

  2. I define "us" the users of twitter and facebook, the very people the "Marketing Professionals" are trying to reach.... if need be I'll fix that in the post... in fact, I think I'll do that right now!

  3. Also interesting point on the Twitter/FB/MySpace profiles for professionals. If you need to 'dress up' for conferences, then do you also need to make your Social Media pages JUST as professional? I see plenty of PR/Mktg people who post personal tweets - about sports, or movies, or going to dinner. A few even post drinking related texts. Isn't that the equivalent of showing up to a conference in a comfortable outfit?

    I don't have an answer for this one. I'm fortunate enough to not need to be taken 'seriously' by anyone, so I can do what I want with my TwitBookSpace. But you bring up an interesting point.

    FYI - I think The 'Proud To Be Awesome' tshirt is from Target, and I've been debating buying it. ;) ;)

  4. Re: Defining "us"

    Yes, "we" are the users of Twitter, but the conference was for (I think) people who Market via Social Media.

    So, just as Doctors are all about treating "us" a Doctor's Conference is still for Doctors, not their patients. So during the conference, they should dress for Dr's, not the patients. Right?

  5. if they're all doctors, why bother dressing to impress.... they're not patients!

    Hell, if they are going to dress "professionally" wear jeans and a polo shirt with comfortable shoes to be on their feet all day and cover the whole thing with a white lab coat.

    The only people that wear ridiculous suits and ties all day long is inept corporate wanna-be assholes without any other merit to qualify them for their job. "Beware the Suit Shark"....

    and took a look around a room.... if there's more than 5 - 10 people, and only 1 or 2 are wearing a suit.... keep your eye on that guy! something's up!