Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Personalized Plate Fail

Ok here we go. I took this picture of a car in front of me on the way to work this morning.... as if personalized plates aren't bad enough (Moon Twinkle, yes I know you love boys with personalized plates).... can you see whats in the picture to right here?! Its not a "MD" plate, or a "VET" plate, not even an "EMS" of "VF" (volunteer fire)..... no no, its an "NHL" plate!!!

That the f'kin f'ck!? Are we to think that Alex Ovechkin is driving an 2005 Accord to work?! Or is it safe to assume that this putz actually thinks being a hockey fan somehow needs to recognized legally by the Virgina Department of Motor Vehicles!?

What's the point here? Do you get special parking somewhere? Maybe your Accord doubles as a Zamboni? Do you hope to get out of ticket because or it? Was a donation made in your name to an organization to help NHL players who suffer from frostbite or extreme splinters from their hockey sticks??

At least actually get personalized plates not just those ridiculous numbers.... maybe something like "CAPSFAN" or maybe "CAPSRUL".... you could even get creative with the whole thing and go with "IBLOALX"..... I'd still make fun of you, but jeez man.... but in some effort!

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